Track & Field / XC

Being a Finish Line Foundation member means you have a direct hand in being a part of the growth and development of our program, a love for Cross Country and Track & Field, and are passionate about supporting our current Griz student athletes. Thank you so much for the contributions to our program!

Go Griz!

Head Coach

Doug Fraley

What is the Finish Line Foundation? 

The Finish Line Foundation is an organized group of XC/T&F supporters that are committed to enhancing the student-athlete experience and participating in the pursuit of excellence of the Griz XC/T&F program. Your membership in the Finish Line Foundation makes you part of our team, supporting our athletes as they represent the University of Montana in competition, the classroom, and the community. Membership starts at $50 per year, and gives you an active role in providing the needed resources for a successful program.  

What is my gift used for?

Donations in support of Griz Cross Country/Track & Field go directly into Coach Fraley’s discretionary fund, where he is able to use it for areas of greatest need. Areas include:

  • Scholarships – Books, fees, room & board for student-athletes.
  • Team Travel – Elevating student-athlete competition and opportunities including early season warm-weather locations.
  • Equipment – Providing funding for two uniform kits per athlete, two pairs of training shoes, and expensive implements such as javelins, pole vaulting poles, hurdles, and starting blocks that can exceed $500/unit.
  • Capital Projects – improving facilities that will directly impact the Griz Cross Country / Track & Field program.

To become a member of the Finish Line Foundation please fill out the information below, call 406.243.6481 or send a check to the following address:

Track & Field / XC
Adams Center 139
Missoula, MT 59812

(Checks payable to the UM Foundation)

For information on the tax deductibility of your Cross Country / Track & Field donation please CLICK HERE

  • (406) 243-6481