Washington-Grizzly Stadium

What is a GSA Priority Seating Donation? A GSA Priority Seating Donation is a required donation per seat on top of the cost of the ticket. Priority seating donations go directly to the GSA’s mission of providing student-athlete scholarships. Each year, Grizzly Athletics scholarship costs continue to rise. These vital funds allow the GSA to contained to provide a first class experience for our student-athletes so that they may find success in competition, the classroom and the community.

With these donation you will become a member of the GSA. As a member you will receive benefits such as:

  • Priority access to single-game tickets
  • Priority access to parking
  • Discounts at over 60 participating locations
  • Free admission to soccer
  • Free admission to volleyball
  • invitation to GSA events
  • Email updates from the GSA

Please see below for the priority seating map with the corresponding GSA Priority Seating Donations. You will be required to make these donations when you purchase or renew your season tickets.

It is important to note that GSA Priority Seating Donations do NOT transfer from sport to sport. There are individual donation requirements for football, men’s basketball, Lady Griz basketball and softball season tickets. Priority Seating Donations are no longer tax deductible. For more information on tax deductions please CLICK HERE

If you have any questions regarding priority seating inside Washington-Grizzly Stadium please contact the Grizzly Scholarship Association at 406.246.6481


There are 47 suites inside Washington-Grizzly Stadium, 24 on the east side and 23 on the west side. Each suite is equipped with 8 game viewing seats, flat screen TV, full-sized refrigerator, sink and cabinet for storage. Suite owners are able to personalize their suite with assistance from Grizzly Athletic operation staff. Additionally, suite owners will be allowed to stock their suite each Friday prior to game day and again starting at 8 am until two hours prior to kick-off on game day. 

It is important to note that there is a waiting list to be placed in a suite, please contact McKell Bennett for more information.

PRICING: Pricing starts at $14,000 per season

Suite Benefits & Amenities

  • 8 game tickets (option to buy 8 more tickets)
  • 4 parking passes
  • Flat screen TV with all-access cable and Griz Vision
  • Convenient restroom locations
  • Refrigerator, sink and cabinet space for storage
  • Catered food service available though UM Dining
  • Ability to stock your suite the day before each game
  • Facility opens two hours prior to kick-off and stays open one hour after the game
  • Opportunity of purchase suite tickets for other stadium concerts
  • Priority access to single-game and playoff game tickets

Stadium Club 

One of the premier locations in Washington-Grizzly Stadium, the Stadium Club is an exclusive area that offers premium seating for Grizzly Football Games. Located on the upper east side of the Stadium, the Stadium Club offers both indoor and outdoor seating options with various amenities. 

It is important to note that there is a waiting list for tickets in the Stadium Club, please contact McKell Bennett for more information.


    Hellgate Terrace: $1,075

    Canyon Club: $1,575

Club Benefits & Amenities

  • Outdoor seating above the 50-yard line
  • Indoor seating with service to your seat
  • Elevator access to the club
  • Access to the Canyon Room and Hellgate Terrace
  • Opportunity to purchase beer and wine
  • Upscale Concessions
  • Exclusive restrooms for Stadium Club Members
  • High definition large screen TVs

The Grizzly Den

The Grizzly Den is the newest premium seating area in Washington-Grizzly Stadium. The Grizzly Den is located on the 200 level on the east side of Washington-Grizzly Stadium. This area is only available to those who have season tickets or single game tickets on 200 level. Enjoy beer, wine and seltzers at your seat, enhanced concession stands and restrooms specifically for your area. Stadium Club members (Hellgate Terrace & Canyon Club) will have access to the Grizzly Den.

Members of the Grizzly Den must pay an additional Grizzly Den GSA fee of $60 per seat. To see a map of the Grizzly Den see above map. Please see the total GSA Donation required donation for the Grizzly Den below:

  • Grizzly Den Silver – $340 (per seat)
  • Grizzly Den Copper – $180 (per seat)
  • Grizzly Den  Maroon – $120 (per seat)
  • Grizzly Den Standard – $60 (per seat)

To purchase single-game or season tickets in the Grizzly Den, please call the Adams Center ticket office at 406.243 4051or CLICK HERE.

For more information on the Grizzly Den please contact the Grizzly Scholarship Association at 406.243.6481 or email us at GSA@mso.umt.edu.

As of January 1, 2023 the following policy will be in place for patrons who qualify for the University of Montana’s Lifetime Retiree Program. Each sports’ policy will be reviewed annually moving forward. Anyone who retires after June 30th, 2024 will not be eligible for the Lifetime Retiree Program.

Washington-Grizzly Stadium – Football
  • Grizzly Athletics must receive confirmation that the patron qualifies for retiree status from the University of Montana.
    • Retired with 15 years of service at an FTE of .75 or higher.
  • The retiree is eligible to receive up to two (2) tickets for Grizzly Football home games. The cost of the ticket portion will be subsidized by HRS, under approval from the Office of the President.
  • The patron will be required to maintain a minimum copper level per-seat membership with the Grizzly Scholarship Association for Washington-Grizzly Stadium for the two Lifepass season tickets.
    • If the patron sits in any section above a copper level they will be required to pay the GSA Priority Seating membership level associated with that section.
  • The required donation will not transfer to Men’s Basketball or Lady Griz Basketball.